Gary & Debbie E., Cabot, AR
Having an energy efficient home in order to stretch our retirement dollars was a top priority. We initially showed up at Stitt with just a magazine picture of a house we both liked. From that picture and a few conversations concerning our likes and dislikes, Stitt designed our energy efficient dream home. Every employee we came in contact with, from… (read more)
Pat & Cathy D., Stella, MO
The first time we met David and Jennifer we had a piece of land in the forest …twelve months later we have a beautiful, energy efficient home nestled in the woods.  Sitting down with the Stitt team to “design” our house was a blast.  They listened; made suggestions; looked at the dozens of pictures we presented and the best… (read more)
Stan & Barbara S., Rogers, AR
Your caring, your integrity, honesty and know how are just a few of the God-given talents you have put to such good use. Thank you for making our dream home a reality and even more so for being there when we’ve needed you. Thank you for touching our lives and doing so much to continue to help make our… (read more)
Herb & Billie Jo E., Rogers, AR
Our Stitt home is an enjoyable energy efficient fun home to live in thanks to the Stitt Team. Orlo and Mary have stayed the same over the years. No matter how small or big our problems have been they take the time to help. We have always left with a smile. Thanks for making our life a little happier. (read more)
Brian & Carolyn O., Alexander, AR
It was a great pleasure to work with the Stitt team. They helped make our dream house become a reality. The personal attention Orlo gave to us by “dropping in” occasionally was appreciated. If we had it to do again we would go for it! (read more)
Donn & Darlene M., Skiatook, OK
We love our home and receive so many compliments on it. An older lady was out here for the first time, and told me that this is a home you only “dream” about. Needless to say we couldn’t be happier. (read more)
Frank & Ann D., Holiday Island, AR
After stopping to investigate and meeting Orlo and his staff, we were confident these were the people to help us build our dream home. After many consultations and much planning over the next five years, Stitt turned our dream into a reality. We arrived at our lovely, clean and carpeted house for the first time and knew we had… (read more)
Sam & Pat R., Garfield, AR
Another delightful year in our lovely home---thanks to all of you.  We never pass up an opportunity to brag on our low energy bill!  (read more)
Guy & Collette U., Charleston, AR
We have nothing but fond memories of our association with Orlo and the Stitt crew. We were there almost at the very beginning (I think ours was the fourth or fifth home Stitt built). We have always appreciated Orlo and Mary as friends in addition to being the best people we could have turned to when we wanted… (read more)
Ron & Norma F., Rogers, AR
We are now into our sixth year in our dream home. We love the surroundings of trees on all sides. We enjoy the open feel, the scenery from south-facing windows and especially appreciate the low energy cost. (read more)