We help our Clients build better homes — homes that lead to happier, healthier lives. Our Clients are forward thinkers — they defy the conventional approach to building and demand energy-efficient, environmentally responsible homes. Their confidence and commitment to a better future inspire us every day!

Who We Are

Our team of home energy, design and construction professionals enjoy helping Clients build their dream homes — truly custom homes designed and built to fit individual lifestyles and core values. We began building energy efficient homes in the 1970s: our response to the first of many energy crises. This path has allowed us to make a socially responsible living while improving the health, well-being and happiness of not only our Clients, but also our employees and future generations.

Why We're Here 

We believe that energy independence and a clean, healthy environment begin at home. Over the past 38 years we've pioneered the use of improved building materials, best building practices, and common sense strategies for new construction. We've earned multiple national awards while helping our Clients live lives that respect and help preserve our natural resources. This is how we contribute to a cleaner, heathier and more sustainable world!


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