Mike and I can honestly say that we have NEVER received better treatment from anyone, ever, than we did from each of you and each of your staff members. I have dealt with many businesses in my lifetime and there is usually at least one non-productive, annoying, or rude employee, but not at Stitt: Everyone is great! All the staff really bent over backward to help us in any way they could when we were thinking about, planning and preparing, and building our home. It is beautiful and everyone loves it! It is awesome not paying more than $150.00 per month (and that is in the peak of summer; normal months run right at or under $100.00) We paid around 300.00 to 400.00 per month in our old non-energy efficient home and it was about half the size of our new home. We keep our thermostat at 78 all the time and sometimes it's actually too cool, even with all this summer heat! Now that's efficiency! It is really awesome letting the sun make your hot water instead of having to pay for the water heater to do it. ... Thanks so much for all the time, energy, and care that you all gave so freely to us over the last few years. We really love our home more and more. We think it just keeps getting better.

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Mike & Carrie D.
Little Rock, AR