Solar Panels on Roof with Trees in Background

Generate Clean Energy on Your Own Property

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are now more efficient and reliable than ever before. They're competitively priced with utility supplied power and can be mounted on your roof or on the ground. A new solar installation will reduce your electric bill, hedge against the ever increasing cost of electricity, and help you contribute to a cleaner environment!

Your Solar Experts in Northwest Arkansas

Stitt Solar is proud to be your trusted residential and commercial solar company in Northwest Arkansas. We’ve worked with a number of happy customers and install a wide range of system types — including grid-tied, grid-tied with backup, and off-grid systems.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are durable, reliable, and ready to generate power for decades. They're also eligible for a 30% federal tax credit and state and utility rebates. Stitt Solar designs and installs residential and commercial solar PV systems throughout Northwest AR.

Stitt solar electric systems are sized to help you be as energy independent as you want.


Fill out the contact form to schedule a free solar site assessment for your home or commercial building! We install solar PV systems in Northwest Arkansas, including Bentonville, Rogers, Springdale, and Fayetteville.


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Solar installation on Fort Smith, AR building

For businesses, solar energy can help minimize operating expenses, protect against rising energy costs, reduce your tax burden, build brand equity, and more.

We've installed numerous solar array's over the years... Check out a couple of examples of our past work!

Sun shining through windows of home

Did you know that every home has access to clean solar energy? By making simple, yet elegant design choices for your custom home, we can help you make the most of your free solar energy.

What Size System Do You Need?

We consider a number of factors when designing your system, including:

  • Monthly electricity usage

  • Amount of shading on property

  • Preferred system type

  • Budget & available incentives

Learn more about solar PV system design

Passive Solar Design

Stitt also designs passive solar homes which make the most of readily available sunlight. Features include:

  • South-facing windows

  • Natural air flow

  • Heat-storing materials

  • Well-insulated exterior

Learn more about passive solar home design.