It takes an unconventional, independent-minded person to design and build a custom home!


Your home will be unlike any other — it's going to fit the way YOU want to live in this world! Sharing sketches, photos or plans you’ve collected is a perfect way to start the design process. As you go through design, we'll show you 3-D models  to help you visualize how your new home will look and feel. The more you think about who will be using each room, when, and for how long, the more confident you'll be in deciding size and placement. Check out our Room Requirements Checklist for ideas.


Your building site affects your home's design — that's why we make a site visit before the first design meeting. Elevation changes, existing trees, and neighboring properties influence everything from foundation plans to entry ways and access to solar energy. Building in harmony with your site saves money, conserves resources, and makes the most of your site’s unique features. It's the essence of sustainable design!


Including home-for-life features in your design will help you live comfortably in your home for longer. These features are simple and easy to add during construction. Or maybe you want to design a multigenerational home that includes separate living areas for aging parents. See how one family did that here.

Other considerations in the design process include how to protect your family from unpredictable future weather by designing for storm safety now. Or what about finishing a bonus room or basement later or adding solar after you move in? Plan for these during design and make life easier later.


Helping you design a home you can afford begins with open dialog about your financial plan. We’ll provide preliminary construction estimates as we move through design, and if the total costs are higher than you’d like, we’ll recommend cost-saving options. These options may include structural or finish material changes but will not compromise your home’s overall performance.

Call or email us to talk about designing your own custom home today!