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Access Free Solar Energy with Smart Home Design

Did you know that every home has access to clean solar energy? By making simple, yet elegant design choices for your custom home, we can help you make the most of your free solar energy.

Properly shaded south-facing windows and a well-insulated, air-sealed building envelope, for example, help create a passive solar home that can almost heat and cool itself. Although simple in concept, it takes experience to combine these elements into a dream home design that suits your site and keeps you safe, comfortable, and healthy.

Key Features of Passive Solar Design

Our passive solar homes feature a number of design elements which make efficient use of readily-available sunlight and heat, including:

  • South-facing windows with exterior shading

  • Operable windows positioned to create natural air flow

  • Materials that provide thermal mass during colder months

  • Well-insulated, air-sealed building envelope

A Stitt home assures you of ultra-comfortable living, low energy bills, and the satisfaction of being environmentally responsible. To create a better home, we rely on experience, building science and collaboration with you and your local builder. This unique approach streamlines the design/build process into a rewarding experience for everyone.


Interested in building a passive solar home? Fill out the form to get in touch with our team! We design passive solar homes in Northwest AR and beyond, including Springfield and Branson, MO; Little Rock, Conway, and Russellville in Central AR; and even Tulsa, Kansas City, and St. Louis.


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Exterior Shot of Home Designed and Built by The Stitt Group

Stitt Homes designs beautiful, energy efficient homes in Northwest and Central Arkansas, as well as nearby areas in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

Exterior Picture of Finished Home Built by the Stitt Group

Stitt Homes designs green and sustainable homes in Northwest and Central Arkansas, as well as surrounding areas in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Every home we create is designed to fit 

We've installed numerous solar array's over the years... Check out a couple of examples of our past work!

Build a Home That Uses Sunlight Efficiently

South-facing windows collect winter heat from the sun and store it in dense materials that release it slowly at night. During warmer months, exterior shade from overhangs, awnings, trellises, shutters, or landscaping prevent too much heat gain.

Concrete, tile, brick, and stone store collected solar heat during cold months and are often used as flooring or fireplace surrounds. In moderate climates, furniture, drywall, appliances, and cabinets can often provide enough thermal mass themselves for storing heat.

Operable windows positioned to create natural air flow move stored heat to different parts of your home in the winter. In warmer months, opening a skylight and lower level windows creates flow-through ventilation to cool your home at night.

A well-insulated, air-sealed energy envelope — which consists of the foundation, walls, roof, insulation, air sealing materials, windows, and doors — keeps your home free of drafts and cold and hot spots. 

As an experienced passive solar home designer, Stitt Homes can determine which features work best with your home's design.