Stitt solar electric systems are sized to help you be as energy independent as you want.

Produce your own electricity using free, clean, renewable energy from the sun! Solar electric systems are durable, reliable, and ready to generate power for decades. They’re also eligible for a 30% federal tax credit and state and utility rebates.


PV systems are sized to offset either part or all of your utility bill, so sizing depends on how much electricity you use every month - not on home size.

We believe in conservation! Reducing your current electric loads makes your PV system even more cost effective because saving electricity is still the best investment. Other variables that determine system sizing include: 

  • How much shade-free space you have
  • How much you want to spend
  • Whether you want to start small and add to your system later
  • What type of system you want (grid-tiedgrid-tied with back up, or off-grid)
  • How much you can reduce your current load. Click here for ways to reduce your load immediately. 


You can choose between grid-tied, grid-tied with backup, or off-grid systems. Grid-tied systems are the simplest, most efficient and economical PV systems to install. They’re connected to the utility company grid and shut down automatically when utility power is out. When grid-tied systems produce more electricity than you can use immediately, they send the extra power to the utility company. When they don’t produce enough power to meet demands, they automatically draw power from the utility.

If you want your system to provide power even when utility power is out, choose a grid-tied battery (or generator) back-up system. Or go off-grid and be completely independent of the utility company! 


Utilities require a completed net-metering application before they let you connect to their lines, and a licensed electrician must make the final connection. After your system is installed, utility personnel inspect it for compliance with local, state, and national electric codes to be sure that power from your solar array cannot be sent to the grid during a power outage. When your system passes, you're ready to produce your own power!

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